Travelstaytion launches its first Staytion in Tinos, an on-spot reception where guests and owners can enjoy tailor made services

The first Staytion has opened in Tinos island, the muse of the Aegean, and it will be able to offer premium and dedicated services for each host and guest TravelStaytion.


Published October 24, 2019

Travelstaytion is the first hub of holiday rentals where you are not only booking a property, but also a range of host reception services provided through the local Staytion, in a mission to elevate the stay and experience of guests.


Through a Staytion, guests can enjoy a variety of services such as:

1. Access to its VIP Lounge waiting area, with refreshments and free Wi-Fi connection.

2. Keys drop off / pick up service.

3. Luggage storage and personal concierge services.

4. VIP check in with personal meet and greet, transportation arrangements, property standards verified by representatives, etc.

5. Customer service for any additional needs and prompt solution of issues.

6. Booking assistance and guides for several destinations, as well as local discounts.


With quality and tailor-made attention as the main features, Travelstaytion is pioneering in the holiday rental industry, welcoming to Staytions professional hosts willing to relish dedicated and premium account management for their properties. Through their local presence, Staytions build solid partnerships through verified and quality properties, while achieving the best possible performance and occupancy rates.

In a Staytion, hosts can find:

1. Dedicated on spot account manager, which will ensure and plan the highest performance for their properties.

2. Keys drop off / pick up service for the convenience of the guests.

3. Reception and lounge facilities for guests’ convenience.

4. Free consultation service about how hosts can boost the performance of their properties, as well as getting assistance on property management needs and connections with local and verified partners of Travelstaytion.

5. Enjoy discounts and exclusive offers in Travelstaytion properties globally.

6. Set up tailor-made collaborations, fitting your needs and current status.


You can find Tinos Staytion at Stavros Kionion Avenue, in Tinos Island. There, Travelstaytion representatives will be looking forward to meeting real estate owners, property managers, brokers, travel agents, travellers and anyone who want to learn more about its local and global services.