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How we are Shaping the new Holiday Rental Market

TravelStaytion is an online platform for professionally managed holiday and short term-let rentals. We connect business and leisure travellers with certified professional property providers and managers, offering access to a wide spectrum of stunning properties in top destinations across the globe.

Our mission

Our aim is to be the #1 choice for holiday and short term-let rentals means our team provide you with only the best level of service as our priority is to ensure that every apartment is certified and offers quality, comfort and style. Our portfolio boasts an array of options for location, whether long for a weekend in a city centre or a holiday on a beautiful island, all our properties guarantee the spaciousness and privacy desired with a large selection of amenities, in contrast to the everyday generic hotel where you must pay extra add-on charges for simple necessities.

To our team of property managers, we offer an easy to use and free service which comes with all the tools, support and exposure needed to reach a whole new audience.

How we make your stay unique

If you want a pleasant stay with high standard and privacy , you will feel truly pampered when you stay with us!

Professional property providers

We work closely with a team of professional property providers and certified hosts, ensuring a unique stay. This make us the ideal solution for anyone who is looking for an optimum level of security, quality and style. Whenever you need additional support, you can be assured that a local chain of professional property managers is close by and willing to assist for any additional request or issue you may have.

Customer service

We want to make your stay feel as close to home as possible and have an unforgettable experience. Our vision to achieve the same goal means each member of our team is motivated to help meet your needs. Our expertise in the industry and passion driven team is ready to support and assist our guests and hosts with all their enquiries, providing the best solution and level of service.

The real feel like home experience

At TravelStaytion, we believe that the ideal holiday home should offer to our guests’ peace of mind and comfort. When you book with us, you don’t get that sense that your occupying someone else’s space.

The space becomes your own. Our pride to offer only the best to our customers – reflects in the quality and standards of our apartments, with a listing of properties that are fully furnished and prepared freshly for the sole purpose of the guests we hope that all our customers will experience that real feel like home experience.

Booking from TravelStaytion is simple and reliable – you make a payment, receive the keys and check in to your new home.