TravelStaytion attends the Vitur Summit 2023

We are looking forward to connecting with industry professionals and sharing our expertise. 

Published April 27, 2023

For TravelStaytion, participation in Vitur Malaga 2023 is a significant opportunity to showcase the company's expertise in the holiday rental industry and to engage with industry leaders, innovators, and potential partners.

As a speaker on "Is franchising the future of SRT & Serviced Apartments?" session on May 12, TravelStaytion’s CEO, Jason Anastasinis, will be sharing his insights and expertise on the topic. Franchising is becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to expand their reach and grow their brands, and the holiday rental industry is no exception.Our participation in this discussion will provide valuable insights into how franchising can benefit the holiday rental industry and help companies like TravelStaytion to continue to grow.


Jason Anastasinis, CEO, TravelStaytion

Marco Celani, CEO, Italianway

Ryan Dame, Partner, Casago Vacation Rentals

Dale Smith, CEO & Founder, SDDE Smith 

Group Moderator: Eduardo Miranda, Chairman, EHHA

The event's focus on short-term rentals, serviced apartments, and alternative accommodations makes it the perfect platform for TravelStaytion, as the company specializes in providing high-quality holiday rentals around the world. Vitur Summit brings together major public and private players in the sector, offering a great chance for TravelStaytion to expand its network and establish itself as a leading player in the industry.

The event offers a unique opportunity to gain insight into the industry's current state, upcoming challenges, and future prospects. It is a chance to connect with industry leaders, share expertise, and learn about the latest trends and innovations. 

TravelStaytion's presence at the event is a testament to the company's commitment to being at the forefront of the holiday rental industry, and to our dedication to providing our guests with the best possible holiday rental experience.